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Use of website contents

All contents (text, images, videos, sounds, software and any other type of material of any kind and nature protected by author rights) on this website are protected by copyright and other national and international laws concerning the protection of the intellectual and industrial property.

All rights on the contents belong to the project partner(s) who created them.

Any use of the of the website contents from unauthorized persons is strictly forbidden, unless as stated below.

Authorized use of website contents

The use of the contents on this website from third parties is always possible if made for didactic, educational, research, critic, news, or study purposes and anyway devoid of any commercial and / or monetary purpose.

In the event of usage of the contents, it must be always state their source (by linking to the pertaining website) as well as the words:
© eap-sel-comenius-eu

Every use of the website contents with the purpose of gaining monetary profit from them or with the purpose of economic exploitation is strictly forbidden.

Exception made for the afore mentioned cases of free usage, whoever wishes to use the website contents must pre-emptively obtain a written authorization from the Project partner(s) who developed the contents.

In case of unauthorized use of the contents, the Project partner(s) who developed them reserve themselves the right to proceed with a legal action to protect the violated rights.