European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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The “European Assessment Protocol for Children’s SEL Skills” (EAP) project is included in the European Funding Programme in the Field of Education and Learning, known as Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 (LLP), a lifelong learning program that allows people to pursue learning opportunities of European dimensions, at every stage of their lives.

The sectorial subroutine, Comenius, of which the EAP_SEL project is part, is defined by its concern with the educational community and sets out to develop knowledge and understanding, between students and teachers, of cultural, values and lingual differencies, with the aim of helping young people gain those “cross” key compentecies that are also essential to their personal development, their future employment and active citizenship.

EAP_SEL project intends to carry out dissemination activities considered as appropriate to reach the target groups, from the immediate environment to the large public. In detail: schools, universities and research institutions, Ministries of Educations, local authorities national and European associations in the education fields, education providers and practitioners in Europe teachers, students, students’ parents and all possible interested people in the social emotional learning field.

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